Monday, October 24, 2011

Same old Nike shoes problem

I have been a loyal Nike user since my early secondary school time. My first proper football boots was a Nike which cost me 200 ringgit. The improper first was a rm40 Power boots. Since then, Nike was always my choice not only for my sportswear but as my casual wear as well. T-shirts, casual shoes, football boots, running shoes were all Nike.

I feel like I was attached to Nike products as they sponsored my sports idols, a marketing strategy which has successfully attracted me. I always feel like I have to use Nike as it was endorsed by Micheal Jordan, Manchester United and at that time, Tiger Woods.

I have no problem with Nike products except for it shoes. Most of my Nike shoes ended up with a dislodged shoe soles. Few football boots and futsal shoes and the latest is my Lunarfly 2 running shoes which the soles was dislodged after few runs in the rain.

tapak asik tercabutt!!

My next running shoes certainly won't be a Nike! an Asics Gel Kayano 17 perhaps. :). And i'm proud to tell you that i'm a happy Adidas user now!


  1. lari byk sgt kot bang... hehehe

  2. loyal la sgtttt hahaha. betul la nike, tp tgk gak tapak dia tu, takut yg runnning, tp padahal sesuai utk santai2 je. pastu tgk plak kilang dia kt mane hahaha

  3. guane tu kilang kat mana pon sabit jugok ke??